1969 Programme

(Due to the lack of available data, only events on the original Branch programme are listed here, additional events added later such as plant sales, open days and trips are omitted)

8th January Branch Meeting - Eric L. Jennison (Plants I Grow)
12th February Branch Meeting - Carl Lazzari (Paintings, Plants & Music)
12th March Branch Meeting - "The Committee Presents"
9th April Branch Meeting - Alan Craig (South American Cacti)
14th May Branch Show
7th June Northern Area Show (at Newcastle)
11th June Branch Meeting - Ron Ginns (Showing & Judging)
9th July Branch Meeting - Bring & Buy Sale
10th September Branch Meeting - Dr Uhlitz of Heidelberg University
8th October Branch Meeting - Quiz Night
12th November Branch Meeting - AGM and Film or Slides
10th December Branch Meeting - Harry Middleditch (Continental Cactus Tours)
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