1997 Programme
8th January Branch Meeting - David Quail (Growing in the House, Greenhouse & Outdoors)
9th January Zone One Quiz (Hosted by Northumbria Branch)
12th February Branch Meeting - David Rushforth (But Where Grow the Potatoes?)
12th March Branch Meeting - Ralph Tomlinson (Sonoran Desert)
9th April Branch Meeting - Bring & Buy Sale
26th April Zone One Show
14th May Branch Meeting - Ray Stephenson (La Gomora Succulents)
24th May Public Plant Sale - Market Stall, High Street, Stockton-on-Tees
1st June Greenhouse Open Day - Alan Craig
7th June Public Plant Sale - Hill Street Shopping Centre, Middlesbrough
11th June Branch Meeting - Eddie Cheetham (Cereus)
21th June Public Plant Sale - Egglescliffe Village Fete
9th July Branch Meeting - Alasdair Glen (Mammillarias Old & New)
20th July Greenhouse Open Day - Betty & Brian Unwin
26th July Cleveland Show - Stewart Park, Middlesbrough
17th August Chairman's "At Home"
10th September Branch Meeting - Tom Jenkins - (USA)
13th September Branch Trip
8th October Branch Meeting - Eddie Harris (Lithops)
12th November Branch Meeting - AGM and Member's Slides
10th December Branch Meeting - John Ellis (Three Weeks in Arizona)
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