2007 Programme
10th January Branch Meeting - Graham Walker (Utah and Wyoming)
11th January Zone One Quiz (hosted by Northumbria Branch)
14th February Branch Meeting - Open Forum and Mini Talks

14th March

Branch Meeting - John Ellis (Arizona Revisited - The Southeast in Spring)

31st March

Bus Trip - Northwest Cactus Mart, Warrington (as guests of Northumbria Branch)

11th April

Branch Meeting - David Slade (Cacti in South Africa)

9th May Branch Meeting - Brian McDonough (Small Aloes)

20th May

Public Plant Sale - Durham University Botanic Gardens

3rd June

Public Plant Sale - Yarm Charities Fair

10th June Greenhouse Open Afternoon (John & Marie Birtle)
13th June Branch Meeting - Rob Stevenson (Turbinicarpus)

16th June

Public Plant Sale - Stockton Market

30th June

Branch Meal (The Station, Picton)

8th July

Public Plant Sale - Northallerton Carnival

11th July

Branch Meeting - Dorothy Minors (Namibia)

15th July Greenhouse Open Afternoon (Richard Watson)
5th August Chairman's "At Home"
8th August Bring & Buy Plant Auction
18/19th August

Public Plant Sale - Hartlepool Horticultural Show

12th September Branch Meeting - George Thompson (Succulent Flora of A B C Islands)
22nd September

Public Plant Sale & Display - Stokesley Show

10th October Branch Meeting - Brian Fearn (How Plants Work)
14th November Branch Meeting - AGM and Member's Slides
12th December Branch Meeting - Eddie Harris (Plants of the Richterveldt)
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