2010 Programme
13th January No meeting (due to adverse weather conditions)
10th February Branch Meeting - Peter Berresford (Mojave Way)

10th March

Branch Meeting - Louise Bustard (Plants that Kill or Cure)
20th March Branch Symposium (Speakers : Graham Charles, Derek Tribble and Paul Hoxey)

14th April

Branch Meeting - Ray Stephenson (58 Years of Growing Succulents)
3rd May Zone One Show (Hosted by Northumbria Branch)

9th May

Public Plant Sale - Durham University Botanic Gardens
12th May Branch Meeting - Graham Walker (Back to the USA)

16th May

Social Afternoon - Fir Trees Nursery, Stokesley

22nd May

Public Plant Sale - Stockton Market

6th June

Public Plant Sale - Guisborough Town Fair
9th June Branch Meeting - John Foster (Succulent Senecios)

20th June

Public Plant Sale - Yarm Charities Fair
10th July Branch Meal, Station Hotel, Picton
14th July Branch Meeting - Zone One Quiz
18th July Greenhouse Open Afternoon (Tony Thorp)
24th July Branch Show, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough
1st August Greenhouse Photography Workshop (Part One)
8th August Chairman's "At Home"
11th August Table-Top Plant Sale and Social
21/22nd August Public Plant Sale - Hartlepool Horticultural Show
8th September Branch Meeting - Alan Spenceley (Alpines wild and tame)
18th September Public Plant Sale & Display - Stokesley Show
13th October Branch Meeting - Peter Burton (Agaves)
26th October Greenhouse Photography Workshop (Part Two)
10th November Branch Meeting - AGM and Member's Photographs ..
8th December Branch Meeting - John Ellis (National Garden Festival, Gateshead 1990)
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