2016 Programme

13th January

Branch Meeting - Zone One Quiz

10th February

Branch Meeting - Ray Stephenson (Turkish Lake District)

9th March

Branch Meeting - Ian Robinson (Mesembs)

13th April

Branch Meeting - Alan Brown (Madagascar)

16th April


11th May

Branch Meeting - Tony Roberts (South Africa, Part 1)

5th June

Public Plant Sale - Durham University Botanic Garden, Durham

8th June

Branch Meeting - Bob Potter (Ethiopia 2013)

12th June

Public Plant Sale - Yarm Charities Fair, High Street, Yarm

26th June Greenhouse Open Afternoon, hosted by Richard & Lynne

9th July

Branch Meal, Station Hotel, Picton

13th July

Branch Meeting - Ivor Crook (Sulcorebutias)

23rd July Branch Show, Cleveland Show, Stewart Park, Middlesbrough
10th August Table-Top Plant Sale and Social
14th September

Branch Meeting - Mini-Talks

17th September

Public Plant Sale & Display - Stokesley Show, Stokesley

12th October

Branch Meeting - Graham Walker (Back to the USA Part 1)

9th November Branch Meeting - AGM and Members' Pictures
14th December

Branch Meeting - Peter Berresford (Mexico in Flower)

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