From the high Andes, the Rebutias (including Aylostera and Mediolobivia) include some truly wonderful cacti. They are ideal cacti for the novice, as they are very resilient to heat, cold and incorrect watering (though they can scorch if they are near the glass in full sun without enough ventilation). If given a cool, dry, sunny winter rest they will oblige with their colourful flowers in the spring. They are easy from seed and will often flower at less than two years old. They clump readily and can grow to fill large bowls if allowed to, though often space restrictions mean they are broken up and started again from cuttings before they get too large.

Their dazzling coloured and freely produced flowers just about cover the plant bodies, providing a fabulous amount of colour each May, even when grown as windowsill plants. Although superb beginners plants, it is unfortunate that many more experienced collectors tend to neglect them and move on to "choicer" plants, a well grown collection of Rebutias truly takes some beating.

Photograph by : John Ellis

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