Trichocereus hybrids
Trichocereus hybrids
The name Trichocereus conjures up different images for different people. These images may include massive South American plants - such as T. terscheckii or T. pasacana which can reach huge heights - or maybe species such as T. spachianus which are rarely grown in collections without being beheaded and used as grafting stock. Others growers argue that there is no such thing as Trichocereus and they should all be labelled Echinopsis. One thing that is certain, there are some beautiful hybrids in cultivation. Although much smaller than the aforementioned giants, these moderate sized , and vigorously growing, specimens can still dominate a greenhouse bench, especially when in flower. The flowers are often stunningly bold in colour and quite large. The two deep pink flowered plants in the photograph (left and centre) were labelled T. 'volcanic sunrise'.

The picture was taken in the Boyce Thompson Southwestern Arboretum, Arizona.

Photograph by : John Ellis

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