The Organ Pipe National Monument
The Organ Pipe National Monument
The Organ Pipe National Monument is so named because of the "Organ Pipe Cactus " (Lemaireocereus thurberi) which just creeps north of the Mexican border in this area and whose stems resemble organ pipes. Although not visible in the photograph, the organ pipe is just one of a considerable number of cacti to be found in this area. In the picture can be seen Saguaros (Carnegia gigantea), an Echinocereus (probably engelmannii or fasciculatus) in full bloom and an Opuntia bigelovii ("Teddy Bear" Cholla). Other cacti to be found in this part of the Sonoran Desert include Mammillarias, Ferocacti and Lophocereus schottii. The other succulents are also represented by Agaves and Yuccas.

Photograph by : John Ellis

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