South of Tucson
Habitat south of TucsonFerocactus wislizenii (cristate)
South of Tucson in the flat desert between the mountain ranges there is some wonderful cactus habitat. The photograph on the left is typical of the terrain which is home to a number of cactus species including: Coryphantha scheeri v valida, Coryphantha vivipara v bisbeana, Echinocereus fasciculatus, Echinocereus fendleri, Ferocactus wislizenii (including the occasional cristate, pictured right), Mammillaria gummifera, Mammillaria microcarpa, Peniocereus greggii and various Opuntias and Chollas. There are also species of Yucca and Agave in the area. Regrettably this habitat is under extreme pressure from development.

Photographs by : John Ellis

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