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The Atlantic islands off the west coast of Africa are collectively known as the Macaronesian Islands. Although they also include the Azores, the Savage Islands and the Cape Verde Islands, as far as visitors from the UK are concerned they are principally the Spanish Canary Islands and the more northerly Portugese Islands of Madeira and Porto Santo.

These islands are home to a large number of succulents, largely from the Crassulaceae, but also including some asclepiads, Euphorbias and others.

Location map of the Macaronesian Islands
Regrettably the number of pictures included here is very limited (due to the lack of photographic material available at this time), but hopefully they will remind people that habitats can be reached without making long-haul flights around the world! Portugese flag
Interested visitors on holiday would do well to spend some time away from the resorts and beaches (and the attractive cactus and other botanical gardens) and look for a few of the natives in their natural habitat. Spanish flag
Euphorbia canariensis Euphorbia canariensis
Euphorbia canariensis
Euphorbia canariensis on hillside
Euphorbia balsamifera Euphorbia balsamifera
Mesembryanthemum sp.
Mesembryanthemum sp.
Crithmum maritimum Crithmum maritimum

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