THE HOYA GALLERY (Part 3 of 3)

More pictures showing examples of this interesting genus of the Apocynaceae...

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Hoya onychoides

H. onychoides

H. parasitica v citrina
Hoya parasitica v citrina (Chiang Mai)

Hoya pauciflora

H. pauciflora

H. polyneura
Hoya polyneura

Hoya pubicalyx

H. pubicalyx
Hoya pubicalyx
'Bright One'
Hoya pubicalyx
'Jungle Garden'

H. pubicalyx 'silver pink'
Hoya pubicalyx
'Silver Pink'

Hoya retusa

H. serpens Hoya serpens
Hoya sp.
H. species IPPS0166
H.sp. 90001 Hoya sp90001
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